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Swedish FrameNet++ (SweFN++) is our working name for a rich Swedish lexicon resource for language technology research and applications. This project started in the fall of 2009 with funding from various sources: The Faculty of Arts, University of Gothenburg provides basic funding through Språkbanken; the Database Infrastructure Committee of the Swedish Research Council partly funds the work within the project Safeguarding the future of Språkbanken (2008-2010); the project is part of the strategic plan for the development of CLT, which consequently also funds the project in part.

The project has two interconnected main goals:

  1. To harmonize a number of existing freely available lexical resources in order to combine the information available in them in an interoperable way;
  2. to add to this amalgamated resource frame information of the same kind as in (English) FrameNet

In both cases, we will need to do much manual work, but one additional goal of the project is to explore how a workflow can be organized so as to minimize manual labor and maximize the utilization of existing language technology tools as a kind of assistive technology.

By CLT policy, SweFN++ will be made available under an open source/open content license.

For more information, see the project web page: <http://spraakbanken.gu.se/swefn/>.

A presentation of the SweFN++ project was made at the FrameNet Masterclass and Workshop, Milan, Italy, 3rd December, 2009: <http://tlt8.unicatt.it/allegati/Session_I_3.pdf> <http://tlt8.unicatt.it/Slides/Borin_et_alii.pdf>

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