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CLT Cloud (A small CLT Project)

The objective of this combined research and infrastructure project is to equip lexica, semantic databases, morphological processors, parsers, compilers and other software components developed within CLT with so called web API:s, thus making them available on the internet in the form of web services. This will complement CLT:s open source software offerings with “data as service” and “software as service”, thus enabling users both inside and outside of CLT to develop language technology enabled applications in the form of so called “mashups”. In the project, such API:s will be carefully designed, implemented and documented, as well a collected under a common CLT access point to be advertised to the world as “CLT Cloud”. Given the broad scope and high quality of software developed within CLT, it is likely that fully developed such services will draw a lot of traffic, and thus further improve CLT’s reputation. Responsible researchers are professor Torbjörn Lager and doctor Markus Forsberg.

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