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SIMSI - Safe In-vehicle Multimodal Speech Interfaces

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Driver distraction is a common cause of accidents, and is often in turn caused by the driver interacting with technologies such as mobile phones, media players or navigation systems. A Multimodal HMI system complements traditional human-machine interaction modalities (visual output and haptic input) with spoken interaction. Speech solutions generally aim to increase safety but immature solutions may end up distracting the driver and decreasing safety.

In the SIMSI project, we  aim to integrate an existing safety-oriented multimodal HMI system based on academic research into a commercial-grade HMI platform and uses this integrated system for research on dialogue strategies for cognitive load management and integrated multimodality. We expect to achieve an HMI solution which can be reliably shown to increase safety by reducing distraction, cognitive load and head-down time considerably when compared to other state-of-the-art in-vehicle interaction models. The HMI will be evaluated in simulators and real traffic.

Funding agency: Vinnova (FFI programme)

Partners: Talkamatic AB, Mecel AB

Contact person at CLT: Staffan Larsson

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