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  • Seminar: Charalambos Themistocleous – Doing Type Theory in R

Seminar: Charalambos Themistocleous – Doing Type Theory in R


In this talk, I will present R language (or simply R ), a dynamic, lazy, functional, programming language that was designed in 1993 by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. R adopts the underlying evaluation model of Scheme with the syntax of S, (a programming language, which was developed by John Chambers at Bell Laboratories). R is an open-source programming language and the flexible statistical analysis toolkit implemented in R , made it the lingua franca for doing statistics. The R package repository (CRAN) features 7861 available packages, which extent the language. Also, there are guides on CRAN that group sets of R packages and functions by type of analysis, fields, or methodologies (e.g. Bayesian Inference, Probability Distributions, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing). The statistical capabilities of R along with its functional capabilities can transform R into a rich environment for doing Type Theory. Thus, I will conclude this talk by discussing possible extensions of R for A Probabilistic Rich Type Theory for Semantic Interpretation (Cooper, Dobnik, Lappin, and Larsson, 2015).

Date: 2016-02-18 15:00 - 17:00

Location: Seminar Room, Dicksongatan 4


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