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The Text Technology Lab in collaboration with Centre for Ageing and Health


The outcome of UGOT Challenges resulted in an approved proposal for Centre for Ageing and Health – studies on capability in ageing – from genes to society. This is a collaborative multidisciplinary research project with language technology among others.

Dimitrios Kokkinakis presented the proposal at the CLT workshop 2014:

The language technology group will participate in two workpackages:

1. Participation in society, representation, self-determination and capability
We will examine how self-determination is related to treatment adherence and health literacy, i.e. the ability to access, read, understand, communicate, make use of health information and technical and medical language, and navigate in the health care system, including access and skills to use internet.

2. Cognition and capability
We will examine how diachronic, linguistic analyses of peoples’ writing or speech may serve as an early complementary marker for various types of cognitive decline. Methods from computational linguistics and natural language processing may provide new insights by applying and exploring automatic linguistic analysis and comparison of language samples. Language in this context represents various forms of spoken or written language production, e.g. transcripts of audio-recorded utterances, accessible language-based interaction through the web, and measures from an eye tracker device.

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