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CLT seminar: Torbjörn Lager – From Web Prolog via Pengines to the Prolog Web


Nearly two years have passed since I presented my work on Pengines (Prolog engines) [4] and SWISH [1,6], a web front-end for Prolog that utilises Pengines. Due to an unfortunate "burn-out" and a long sick leave I have not been able to do much work on them for the past year or so, but I do have at least a couple of months worth of work to report on, and even during my leave things have matured a lot. In particular, other people, mostly Jan Wielemaker in Amsterdam, have continued to refine the Pengines library as well as the SWISH application.

SWISH is now accessible from the SWI-Prolog web site, where it can be used to run small Prolog programs for demonstration, experimentation and education.[1,6] SWISH has also been connected with the ClioPatria semantic web toolkit, where it allows for collaborative development of programs and queries related to a dataset as well as performing maintenance tasks on the running server,[2,5] and SWISH has been embedded in the Learn Prolog Now! online Prolog book.[3,6]

Jan Wielemaker has done a tremendous job implementing these applications. Still I believe that Pengines can do a lot more than serving as the machinery underlying SWISH and similar applications. In this talk I'm going to sketch a programming language - an extension of Prolog - that I will refer to as *Web Prolog*. Borrowing features from the Erlang programming language, Web Prolog allows a neater implementation of Pengines, makes concurrent and distributed programming easier, and can possibly be standardised by the W3C.

[1] http://swish.swi-prolog.org/
[2] http://linkedpolitics.d2s.labs.vu.nl/swish
[3] http://lpn.swi-prolog.org
[4] Torbjörn Lager and Jan Wielemaker (2014) Pengines: Web Logic Programming Made Easy, In: Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 14 (4-5) s. 539-552.
[5] Jan Wielemaker, Wouter Beek, Michiel Hildebrand, Jacco van Ossenbruggen (2015) ClioPatria: A SWI-Prolog Infrastructure for the Semantic Web, In: Semantic Web Journal, 2015.
[6] Jan Wielemaker, Torbjörn Lager, and Fabrizio Riguzzi (2015) SWISH: SWI-Prolog for Sharing. In Stefan Ellmauthaler and Claudia Schulz, editors, International Workshop on User-Oriented Logic Programming (IULP 2015).

Date: 2015-10-01 10:30 - 12:00

Location: L308, Lennart Torstenssonsgatan 8


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