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Linguistics colloquium: Pierre Lison - Dialogue management with probabilistic rules


In this talk, I’ll present my (recently completed) PhD, in which I developed a new, hybrid approach to dialogue management based on the notion of "probabilistic rules". The key idea is to represent the internal models of a dialogue domain in a structured manner, through high-level rules that combine aspects of logical and probabilistic approaches to dialogue modelling into a single framework. The rules may include parameters that can be estimated from dialogue data (via e.g. supervised or reinforcement learning).

The approach offers two main benefits: 1) due to the expressivity of the rules, the models can be encoded in a compact form, making it possible to efficiently estimate the domain parameters from limited amounts of data. 2) the rules also allow expert knowledge and domain constraints to be directly incorporated in the domain models, in a human-readable form.

The above approach has been implemented in a new, domain-independent dialogue toolkit called "OpenDial", which is available under an open source license: http://opendial.googlecode.com

In this talk, I’ll present the framework as well as some practical experiments that we recently conducted to evaluate the approach in a human-robot interaction domain (using the Nao robot as experimental platform).

Date: 2014-05-20 13:15 - 15:00

Location: T116, Olof Wijksgatan 6


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