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  • Docent lecture: Peter Ljunglöf - grasp/grase/gramend/gredit/whatever: A Grammatical Sentence Editor

Docent lecture: Peter Ljunglöf - grasp/grase/gramend/gredit/whatever: A Grammatical Sentence Editor


Peter Ljunglöf at the CSE department will give his "docent lecture".

I describe an interactive system where the user can build and modify sentences and whole texts in a grammatical manner. The user can insert, delete and change words and phrases at will, and the system ensures that the resulting sentences are always grammatically correct. This is accomplished by automatically rearranging words and changing inflection, if necessary.

The system is based on a theory for interactive editing of syntax trees by intuitive but flexible editing operations on the surface string. The editing operations are simple enough to be implementable on a variety of devices, such as mouse-, keyboard- or touch-controlled devices, as well as devices with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) input methods.

Such an editing system has the potential for being useful in computer assisted language learning (CALL) as well as an AAC communication aid. Since the underlying syntactic theory is multilingual, it is also suitable for second-language learning, and as a travel phrasebook.

In this talk I will show the status of the current prototype, I will explain the underlying theories, and I will talk about possible future work.

Finally I will let the audience suggest and vote on the best acronym for this project...

Date: 2013-09-03 13:15 - 14:15

Location: EDIT Room, 3364 in the E building, Chalmers


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