Spelling games


Developing an algorithm (web service(s)) for automatic generation of exercises for training spelling (primarily, for Swedish)


The currently developed application Lärka, with its web services, is used for computer-assisted language learning. Lärka generates a number of exercises based on corpora (and their annotation) available through Korp. Vocabulary knowledge covers a broad spectrum of word knowledge, spelling and recognition in speech being some of them.

Problem description

The aims of this work are:

  1. to implement web service(s) for adaptive spelling exercise generation using text-to-speech module for Swedish, where the target words/phrases will be pronounced фnd the student will have to type what he/she hears. If the user seems to be comfortable with word spellings, target words get longer, get inflected, or pronounced in phrases, sentences etc.
  2. analyze possible approaches to provide reasonable feedback
  3. implement user interface for the exercise to be used in Lärka
  4. create a database for storing all possible misspellings associated with each individual graphical word for future analysis (for better feedback or better adaptivity path)
  5. (potentially) evaluate the results.

Recommended skills:

  • Python
  • Query


  • Elena Volodina/Torbjörn Lager
  • eventually others from Språkbanken/FLOV
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