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Multilingual FraCaS test suite


Develop a version of the FraCaS test suite in your native language


The FraCaS test suite was created as part of the FraCaS project back in the nineties. A few years ago Bill McCartney (Stanford) made a machine readable xml version of it and it has been used in connection with textual entailment. This project involves developing the test suite further as a multilingual web accessible resource for computational semantics.

Project description

  1. Learn about the test suite in English, reading the original literature and some recent literature about its current use in computational semantics. Write a description of the work.
  2. Focus on one of the sections of the test suite and learn about the semantic problems which it illustrates and write a description of the semantic issues involved
  3. Translate at least the part of the test suite you focussed on in (2) into your native language and make it machine readable.
  4. Discuss the semantic issues you raised in (2) with respect to your own language and your translations. In particular focus on difficulties in translation or differences between the original English and your translation.
  5. (optional) Implement a parser for (some of) your translations and write documentation of it.
  6. (optional) Extend your parser so that it provides semantic representations which will support the inferences. Document this.
  7. (optional) Run an experiment (perhaps involving a web form) where subjects (native speakers of your language) can express their judgements about the inferences in your translation. Document the results you obtain.


Robin Cooper, Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science. The project will be carried out in connection with Dialogue Technology Lab associated with the Centre for Language Technology.

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