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Linking a pronunciation lexicon to SALDO


.Linking the NST Swedish pronunciation lexicon to SALDO


The NST Swedish pronunciation lexicon is a large (almost 1M entries) fullform lexicon for Swedish linking text words to their (standard) pronunciations. SALDO is a large semantic and morphological lexicon for Swedish (see <http://spraakbanken.gu.se/eng/saldo/>).

Problem description

The aim of this work is to link lexical entries in SALDO to the corresponding entries in the NST lexicon, as well as to explore the feasibility of providing the SALDO-FM morphological component with a pronunciation module, i.e., generate pronunciations for word forms not present in the NST lexicon from parts of word forms that are in this lexicon.

Recommended skills

  • Good knowledge of Swedish morphological analysis, and some knowledge of Swedish phonology and phonetics
  • General familiarity with morphological analysis systems
  • Good programming skills


Lars Borin and possibly others, Språkbanken

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