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Exercise generator for English or any other language available through NLTK


Developing python-based programs (web service(s)) for automatic generation of exercises (e.g. of the same type as in Lärka) for other languages than Swedish using corpora and necessary language resources/tools available through NLTK


The currently developed application Lärka, with its web services, is used for computer-assisted language learning. Lärka generates a number of exercises based on corpora (and their annotation) available through Korp. To target other languages than Swedish we need access to annotated corpora and relevant resources/tools for other languages, which potentially are available through NLTK.

Problem description

The aims of this work are therefore:

  1. to implement web service(s) for exercise generation for English or any other language using NLTK, primarily of the same type as offered by Lärka (to avoid the hassle of implementing user interface); or eventually others exercise types.
  2. depending upon the type of exercises you choose to implement, a number of questions might arise, i.e. how to adapt exercises to relevant learner levels; which way to assign texts to appropriate language proficiency levels; how to select distractors, etc.
  3. (potentially) if other exercise types are chosen, the necessary user interface modules will need to be implemented.
  4. (potentially) evaluate the results.

Recommended skills:

  • Python
  • (potentially) jQuery


  • Elena Volodina/Markus Forsberg
  • possibly others from Språkbanken
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