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Developing and evaluating a TDM app (2016)


To develop a voice interface to an Android smartphone application.


Voice interfaces give users the possibility to interact with a device without using their eyes or hands. This can be particularily useful in situations where interaction with a device would otherwize interfere with other tasks. A typical example is driving, in which the simultaneous use of a screen-based device such a smartphone can constitute a direct danger. This project focuses in the potential benefits of voice enabled smartphone apps in driving and similar scenarios.

Problem description

The problem consists of developing a spoken dialog interface to an Android application. The user should be able to switch freely between touch-screen and voice interaction. To facilitate the development of this multimodal interface, Talkamatic Dialog Manager (TDM) will be used.

The problem mainly consists of the following tasks:

  • Develop a Use Case for the application; this may involve market surveys and interviews
  • Write a TDM device resource, which communicates with the app functionality (Python and Android SDK)
  • Write a TDM domain and ontology specification, describing the structure of the app (XML)
  • Write a TDM grammar, describing the verbal phrases used by the user and the app (XML, Grammatical Framework)
  • Evaluate the app


  • Python
  • Grammar formalisms
  • XML

Experience of Android app development is valuable but not required.


Staffan Larsson, FLoV, together with Talkamatic AB. Talkamatic is a university research spin-off company based in Göteborg.

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