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Reliable Dialogue Annotation for the DICO Corpus

Our purpose is to annotate seven pragmatic categories in the DICO (Villing and Larsson, 2006) corpus of spoken language in an in-vehicle environment, in order to find out more about the distribution of these categories and how they correlate. Some of the annotations have already been made, by one annotator.

To strengthen the results from this work, we are interested in establishing the degree of inter-coder reliability for the annotations. Also, as far as we know, no attempts have been made to annotate enthymemes (Breitholtz and Villing, 2008), a type of defeasible arguments, in spoken dialogue. A corpus of spoken discourse annotated for enthymemes would therefore be a welcome addition to the resources that are currently available.

Researchers: Jessica Villing, Ellen Breitholtz, Staffan Larsson (supervisor)

Funding: CLT internal

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