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Dialogue Systems and Type Theory

To facilitate rapid development of dialogue systems by specifying them as type theoretical grammars (CLT PostDoc project)

Duration: Jan–Dec 2008

Participant: Peter Ljunglöf, CLT PostDoc researcher


Ranta and Cooper (2004) describe how a dialogue system can be implemented in a syntax editor based on type theory, originally developed for editing mathematical proofs. However, only information-seeking dialogues are supported, and the backbone is a fairly simple form-based dialogue system.

In this project I want to build upon their ideas to implement features from ISU-based dialogue systems, to extend the range of dialogue type in include, e.g., action-oriented dialogue. This will be done by specifying information states, update rules, dialogue plans, semantics and syntax in the same type-theoretical framework.


Aarne Ranta and Robin Cooper. Dialogue systems as proof editors. Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 13(2):225–240, April 2004.

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