CLT toolkit

An important current focus for the centre is the creation (and maintenance) of a "CLT toolkit", a set of mutually and externally compatible state-of-the-art open source LT tools and accompanying linguistic resources, which we expect will be of great help in speeding up LT prototyping efforts and generally in avoiding duplication of effort in research within CLT as well as in the general LT research community.

The toolkit will in part be based on existing tools that we have developed such as the Grammatical Framework (GF) in the grammar group and the dialogue system toolkit TrindiKit in the dialogue group as well as corpus enhancement and analysis tools developed within the text group. Part of our effort will be devoted to increasing compatibility between these various software tools so that they can be used together.



For operating systems using debian packages, there is a meta-package "clt-toolkit", which will (so far) install BNF Converter, FM-SBLEX and Grammatical Framework. Please find the PPA at Launchpad.

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